I’m presently (2017-05-02) in the middle of a (collaborative) divorce after 12 years of marriage. It’s a project with a lot of moving parts and it’s going very smoothly and without a lot of anger on either side. We have two children and we intend to not make them lack for anything just because their parents need room to grow.

In General

  • buying new house, selling old house
  • living in OmniFocus more often because doing all the things, usually, sometimes, not often enough but I’m working on it OK

On Campus

  • multi-factor authentication service enhancements, roadmap, final tier support
  • evaluating new endpoint protection software
  • implementing a new vulnerability management platform and new workflows for remediation

Other Efforts

  • podcast has been on hold since my depression really nosedived and certainly since the divorce. will re-evaluate soon.
  • photography is going great, an interesting byproduct of my:
  • therapy! lots of it, and it’s finally getting me the results i never dreamed of
  • introspection and growth emotionally and otherwise
  • wanting to bicycle more and resume aikido again


  • You can see the Free/Busy status of My Personal Calendar but be aware this doesn’t include my Free/Busy on campus, nor my travel calendar.

A Renaissance man eagerly awaiting the next Renaissance.

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