ENFP’s correlation to Enneatype

While reading about myself 1 on Wikipedia again, I noticed the following at the bottom:

Correlation with Enneatype

(Barron & Wagele 1994) report that the most common Enneatypes for ENFPs are Helpers (Twos) and Enthusiasts (Sevens).

I’ve read a little here and there about Enneatypes but couldn’t help but notice: holy shit, yes.

Of the two, Helper seems much more like me than Enthusiast even though I share some traits with that Enneatype (the planning and gluttony). Helper (and the stress/security modifiers when stressed or secure) breaks down like this:

Type Characteristic role Ego fixation Holy idea Basic fear Basic desire Temptation Vice or Passion Virtue Stress Security
2 Helper Flattery (Ingratiation) Freedom, Will Being unloved To feel love Deny own needs, manipulation Pride Humility 8 4
4 Individualist Melancholy (Fantasizing) Origin Having no identity or significance To be uniquely themselves To overuse imagination in search of self Envy Equanimity (Emotional Balance) 6 3
8 Challenger Vengeance (Objectification) Truth Being harmed, controlled, violated Self-protection Thinking they are completely self-sufficient Lust (Forcefulness) Innocence 5 2

It’s absolutely accurate. I also have an idea about that alleged Innocence virtue when I’m stressed. I have been especially wary of getting cozy with that Challenger aspect when I’m stressed without even knowing that’s what I was doing. Be gone, Challenger. And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be overusing my imagination while thinking about my sadness (because Individualist).

This is one post of a collection I call Fuck Depression aka I’ve Been Sad.