Letting the Web Cry It Out

When my rage index is pegging somewhere above an eight, this stylesheet prevents unsightly headdesk trauma. I am reminded of it today after being caught up in a hatred hurricane in the comments of an article that almost gave me whiplash from all the head shaking and frustration.

Shutup.css essentially lets you ferberize the horde of angry armchair activists and trolls, by completely concealing them from sight. They can still rage and whine and cry but I never have to see it and I wish more people used it just to give people less incentive to be such assholes. Lower the audience and reduce temptation to feed those trolls anything but stern silence while they cry it out like the toddlers they are. Fortunately for everyone that doesn’t know what a stylesheet is, there are some delightful options for browser extensions thanks to Ricky Romero. My hero.

People that do know what a stylesheet is can of course check out the [shutup.css source][^shutup.css] on Steven’s homepage if you’d like to make some adjustments or to inspect what it’s doing.

Hope this improves your browsing experience as much as it has improved mine. The extensions for Safari and Chrome are good, Firefox users can use Greasemonkey or Stylish to accomplish similar ends.1

  1. I am currently spending most of my time in Safari and using Chrome when I need to use Adobe Flash for some stupid reason.