Calvin Sawyer’s Birth Announcement


Our son Calvin was born on July 27, 2015. We had some serious complications with mother and baby and in the period of Liz going into labor and in the midst of all this I had essentially been completely off the grid for the most part and prepared a little announcement for my colleagues and friends to illustrate the situation and give as much information as I could at the time.

You can view the prepared-on-my-iPad-in-Adobe-Slate announcement and I have sworn a solemn oath to prepare a brief series of articles for other parents that find themselves in the midst of a similar birth because when it comes to HIE and hypothermia treatment, there is a lot of information written for scientists but not a lot for parents! I have been working on a few drafts time permitting and hope to start publishing them soon. Having this notice up here will hopefully encourage me to ensure I get it published sooner rather than later.

Current Mood: Cautiously Optimistic

We don’t have all the answers yet on what to expect, but we are very encouraged by Calvin’s development and personality. Subsequent check-ups with neurologists and doctors will gradually reveal more and more and it’s hard to not agonize over every little thing we observe or worry about as signs we need to interpret or should find medically interesting. There are a lot of things to be really encouraged by and positive about, so we try to focus on all of those things and snuggle the little fox maybe a little extra hard. Prudence loves being a big sister, which is always a source of delight.