a Smirk

When Leonardo was painting the Mona Lisa, art historians have offered numerous theories. One of them is that he was trying to capture expressive portraits that he saw in the faces of the people around him — faces that seem to be saying multiple things as they change from one emotion to the next. Personally I see a slight sly smirk, especially when viewed in my peripheral vision. When discussing this painting, my wife came up with a theory that I found fascinating.

“She’s pregnant, and she hasn’t told anyone yet.” Dr. Lundberg

an Ambitious Undertaking

I am very hopeful to find women who have just recently discovered that they are pregnant and have not yet told all of their friends and family. The fewer people that know about the pregnancy the better.

No Smirk Required

Because pregnancy is accompanied by an ocean of emotions; one particular emotion or expression is not as important as any other.


This is compensated as TFP. i.e. licensed copies of selected photos as digital files will be provided to all participants.


Candidates must be at least eighteen years of age.

Talk to me!

If you are interested in participating in this remarkably ambitious series, please contact me at 1-646-54-EMORY (36679), or by filling out this form.

Thank you!