My Photography

I once read that every photographer will have five truly amazing images they’re known for. These are probably two of my five.

1: Punk Rock Girl

My daughter, Prudence, at her most essential.

This was taken candidly at a neighborhood coffee shop in Iowa City. Prudence is showing her personality at full volume in this image, and as she grows older there will be a part of me that will remember this time of her life forever. She challenges me every day, and she does it with exactly the sort of attitude you see here.

This image shows my daughter at her most essential. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be her father.

2: 8th Month

8th Month

Pregnancy portraits are often so cliché and something I find somewhat tedious. I wanted to show something a little different about pregnancy with this image. It was taken with ambient light through a frosted glass wall seperating the bathroom and bedroom at the Hotel Vetro in Iowa City.

What I like about this image is that it was late in her pregnancy, when it’s easy to feel impatient and uncomfortable. This was when Liz was pregnant with our second child, Calvin, and while the glass impedes the full display of her body, it joyfully offers a suggestion of her at a moment where she is both her most powerful and most vulnerable. I find this image both incredibly romantic and subtly erotic.

Pregnancy is powerful and miraculous in spite of being a common occurance in our culture that is very often either shoved into a corner, or made part of the public domain for the scrutiny and criticism of others. This image conjurs up a little more reverence for this period of time for me and reminds me that not only was my wife a powerful force in my life, but the only person in the world that could have brought us our two children.


If you would like to see more of my work, (aw shucks, I’m honored!) you may see some selected images on my portfolio site, be ephemeral.